RFID-USB reader 13.56 Mhz. for attendance systems







RFID-USB reader 13.56 Mhz, for ISO-14443A tags

Windows driver: plug and play automatically installs and is recognized as an HID keyboard.

Tags: ISO-14443A S50, S70, cards or keychains.
Power source: 5v. from USB cable.

RFID detect distance: 4 cms. aprox.
RFID radiolink: 13.56 Mhz.
Temperature: -30 C a + 60 C
Visual and audio indicators: LED and buzzer

Weight: 120 gr, including reader and USB cable
Dimensions: 95 x 61 mm


Kit includes: 1 RFID reader, 1 USB cable, 1 ISO-14443A card tag and 1 ISO-14443A keychain tag.





Modular RFID-USB reader 13.56 MHz, very simple to use. It can be used in many RFID applications such as personal identification, logistics, access control, attendance control, and process control industry.

When connecting the USB cable to your PC or Lap, the RFID reader-USB module is detected by any Windows 8 or 7 system, installing his driver automatically. The device is recognized by the device manager as a HID keyboard.

When approaching the RFID tag reader, it reads your serial number and sends it to the computer as a string of 10 characters from a HID keyboard.

This string can then be directly observed in any Word, Excel or Notepad document as if it were a user typing on a standard computer keyboard.





An application of school attendance control is available using this USB RFID reader through an Excel spreadsheet with macros programmed in VBA language (the software is open source, and under the guidelines of the GNU General Public License).

The program identifies students that bring their tag near the RFID reader and automatically records the date and time of entry keeping these records in Excel file format.

This program can also be used for:
- Employment assistance control.
- Conference attendance control.
- Access Control.




Information you need for low cost attendance system:

Project: low cost RFID school attendance system

Dicle Levendis RFID attendance system.pdf

Dicle Levendis RFID attendance system.xlsm

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