RFID-UART module, with read/write capability. Includes card and keychain ISO-14443A tags plus 4 dupont cables.






The RFID-UART module includes 2 RFID tags and 4 dupont cables, and has the following general description:

The RFID-UART module is designed based on 2 surface mount integrated circuits with a high level of integration:  the RC522, which is an RFID reader,  and the STC12C5A16, a processor that facilitates UART connection to the serial port of any microcontroller simply and quickly at TTL levels.

It has a 4-pin connector with TX and RX signals, 5v. and ground. Its main feature is to allow user control of the RFID system, by simple UART commands sent by a microcontroller.

For example, the microcontroller may request the ISO-14443A tag's serial number sending the command '01 'through the serial port.






Model: RFID-UART read-write data, based on MFRC522, and STC12C5A16 processor.

Aproximate detection distance = 5 cms.

Voltage: 5 volts @ 30 ma. Maximum current = 50 ma.

Specification Tag: ISO-14443A with 1 Kb EEPROM

Operating Frequency: 13.56 Mhz

Interface: UART-TTL serial signals with default speed of 9600 bps.

Operating Temperature: -20 to +60 degrees C.

Dimensions: 40 x 50 mm.




RFID-UART 13.56 Mhz_Manual.zip


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